Time Management & Achieving Goals

Accountability & Results With a Coach


If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, feeling like you are not getting things done and you are constantly out of time - chances are you are lacking a clear focus. Unless your vision and mission is clear, I usually start working on that with my clients as a foundation from which we can design the optimal week, month and year for you. Once you have done the hard work and reduced your vision to a mission with me by breaking it down into goals and objectives, and an action step list, it is time to start implementing these action steps to get results. Most people inevitably start to see that time management is an area that they struggle with because they are used to work reactively rather than proactively.

Vision, Goals, Objectives and Action Steps

I help my clients break down their vision into doable action steps so that they are setting their own agenda and are only involved in activities that ultimately bring them one step closer to their final vision. As such, it will help you differentiate between useful activities and distractions and eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated. 

While working with me, I will help you to retrain your brain from focusing on the “To Do List” (that is often heavily influenced by our environment and other people setting our agenda) to “Vision Driven Action Steps”. Throughout our coaching relationship, there will be many structured exercises that will help you facilitate the process of that transition.


Professional Weekly, Monthly & early Goal planning

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