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"I was burnt out from posting on social media, getting lots of likes but making no sales. A friend recommended me to Lena's Sell Your Solution Program that promised to help people make sales without excessive social media posting or Ads. After just three weeks of working with Lena, I had a full calendar of sales calls and made my first 1K! 
My sales mindset and approach were up-leveled 100%, and I can’t thank Lena enough for her excellent sales psychology mentoring and giving me the tools to attract clients on autopilot without excessive social posts or ads." - Creator of the Gift Prosperity System™

Vanessa O'Connor

Coaching Course Creator

transformational coaching


"Lena is amazing, I just started working with her and already I feel a huge shift starting. Whenever I see her, I feel so inspired towards my goals and empowered that I can do it. She really listens and cares about what I want in my life & is creative and mindful of who I am & how to fit the journey towards my goals to who I am and how I work. I love her."

Lindsay Rapp

Artist & Instagram Influencer (400k followers)

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