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Sury Shoney

"We have been working with Lena at Lucid Strategies for approximately 12 months. We are extremely pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, hard work and creativity. More important is the fact that Lena is very caring and willing to help all the time. I highly recommend her."


KAshif Zubair

"Lena did a great job with our marketing campaign. She was instrumental in generating leads, which led to a lot more activity than what we anticipated."

Dane Wright

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Coaching Course Creator -

i created thrive by design

I am committed to creating a world where people live passionately and are fulfilled by what they do.

I believe that every person has a unique set of gifts to share with the world. When people can understand their true potential and find a way to contribute, we all win.

I created Thrive by Design because I want you to find your calling. I want you to feel joy in the work that you do.

You have one life. Let's make it a masterpiece...

"Lena’s coaching and training is the juice!! While working together, she helped me create systems and processes that freed up my time and allowed me to make a greater impact with my clients. Lena’s motivation and drive is contagious and you will soon find yourself in action and feeling unstoppable. Lena has serious integrity. She is someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. She will support you in producing results for yourself and your business and she will help you feel confident when you need to take your leap of faith. If you get the opportunity to work with Lena, take it."

Vanessa O'connor

- Coaching Course Creator - -

I created the Gift Prosperity System™

It’s the educator’s GPS to creating financial independence.
This step-by-step framework is designed to launch educators into the booming knowledge industry.

1.      Gift (unique knowledge, expertise and hard-won experiences) into

2.      Products owned by you that are

3.      Solutions to people’s problems – That you can monetize

I help educators transform their knowledge and expertise into additional income. 


I went from not being able to support myself on maternity leave to now having multiple income streams in addition to my teaching job.


"I was burnt out from posting on social media, getting lots of likes but making no sales. A friend recommended me to Lena’s Sell Your Solution Program that promised to help people make sales without excessive social media posting or Ads. After just three weeks of working with Lena, I had a full calendar of sales calls and made my first 1K! My sales mindset and approach were up-leveled 100% and I can’t thank Lena enough for her excellent sales psychology mentoring and giving me the tools to attract clients on autopilot without excessive social posts or ads."

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Lindsay Rapp
aRTIST & Instagram Influencer (400k followers)

"Lena is amazing, I just started working with her and already I feel a huge shift starting. Whenever I see her, I feel so inspired towards my goals and empowered that I can do it. She really listens and cares about what I want in my life & is creative and mindful of who I am & how to fit the journey towards my goals to who I am and how I work. I love her."

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Ariel Zucker

Founder, Award-Winning Producer & Director  at CNT Productions
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Lena is the best! She listened to my concerns, helped me isolate my goals, polished my resume until it absolutely glowed, and offered personalized encouragement every step of the way. My CV would never look this good without her and I can't wait to work with her again!

Joel Gregory

"It was absolutely amazing and pretty life-changing! Lena asked me all the right questions that I needed to even ask myself and from that, I was able to understand that I am in control of my own path. Right, that path is already been laid out for me, I just need to designate with that future self and actually be able to see that path ahead and walk that line. I can't say enough great things about the Life Coaching."

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christina stege

"Lena was super helpful to me. She helped me see situations in a new light and helped me focus in on my true realization. We went through a worksheet together and I felt like she really understood me.


She is very good at what she does and can fully understand all perspectives! I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Lena for your help and unleashing my true potential!!!"

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Jp debarber

"Lena has really helped me with seeing different perspectives on problems I’ve had. She is honest, supportive, and very reliable."

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chidinma kalu

"Lena has dedicated her time to personally coach me.

I have worked with her on an off now for almost a year.

I am now graduating and in the year leading up to my graduation, she encouraged me to look deeper into my passions and my purpose while job searching. One year later, I successfully graduated, and not only did I find my private success in getting a better work-life balance and as a result met my amazing boyfriend, but I also feel equipped with an amazing feeling of professional clarity in regards to my goals. I highly recommend reaching out to Lucid Achievement, it was definitely worth it for me."

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monica huston