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Lena FrenzelLive on Business Talk Radio
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Marketing mistakes are expensive, so why not focus on the lowest risk ideas? When you are trying to market yourself there are so many things you can do, and many of them cost money. Lena lets us in on a little utilized pathway, using your LinkedIn profile to connect with people and turn them into paying clients and customers.

My Guest: Lena Frenzel

With her background of training medical device sales reps on how to generate and convert sales leads into high-ticket customers, Lena was able to build a sustainable marketing and sales system and complementary training that she now shares with smaller businesses and coaches.

Pivotal moments:

Lena’s decision to go into coaching, was because she asked herself who she wants to be spending her day with, she wanted to align her personal life with her work life.

  • Instead of making someone dependable as a service where they need to pay the marketing retainer every month, Lena can provide a coaching service that teaches people to do it for themselves and keep it for a lifetime.

  • Lena finds her biggest fulfillment in coaching, because she is not making her clients depend on her, she is empowering them to walk their own way after helping them.

  • Lena began doing her medical device program for medical device companies, and the biggest success stories came with clients that understood that it takes training and coaching to succeed.

  • Those who are humble enough to say they want the training are the ones who excel by far.

  • Lena is a strong believer in Tim Ferris. If you are a business owner that doesn’t have a team of 5 people, what is the 10% of activities that you will do, that will drive 90% of your revenue?

The advice:

Coaching is really needed to create success; this is because people don’t know the familiarity of actually building a system themselves. A lot of small business owners have never had to sit down and go deep into their messaging. When one wants to reach out to a new audience, Lena advises one to start with asking basic questions of: Who am I? What problem do I solve? How am I solving it? With what result? How is it different? That is where a lot of successful established coaches stumble because they have never had to express it that way.

Lena’s program is split into 4 elements:

1.   Work out who your audience is and what are their pain points. Because customers don’t care about the benefits of your program, they care about their pain points. Don’t just name the pain, agitate it until they really feel it and are really agitated from it. This applies to the sales conversation, watch for the signals and identify the pain.

2.   If you don’t have an outreach system yet, Lena’s approach is LinkedIn. Lena’s main point is to be very straight forward, and not to fluff it up with the messaging. When you are in alignment with your business and your values and that shines through, people will want to connect with you. You will automatically stand out.

3.   Message the prospect directly and then jump on a call. Lena’s approach for the call is, connection building, understanding the person’s pain point asking the right questions, but the prospect will be speaking 50% of that call, you need to listen.

4.   Closing Part, how do you close someone confidently without being out of integrity? Lena urges people to find the right balance, be honest. Use tactics that represent your values. When people close, often their fear and insecurities creep in. You need to work through their fear with them, that by the end of the conversation you are educating your clients and providing so much value for them that they see and reflect on the mistakes they have done in the past, and understand why. So you have already schooled them and haven’t even started selling yet, but they are already sold because you have already helped them. 

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