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Sell Your Solution Program

Sell your first online coaching program in less than 4 weeks

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to our transformative program that will teach you how to sell your first online coaching program in less than 4 weeks. 


Stop Selling Your Time For Money

we will teach you how everything you need to turn your existing 1:1 performance coaching program into a scalable, passive income machine through successfully selling online coaching programs.


Learn to Sell your First Online Coaching Program in 4 Weeks

  • Sell it Before You Build It

  • No Prior Experience Needed

Structure of the Program

We believe in MONETIZE before BUILDING IT.
We will teach you how to sell your online coaching program in 4 weeks, even if you have not built your online program yet. 

Our program is focused on teaching you how to sell your online coaching program. Whether are just getting started or you have sold before, we will teach you how to successfully sell your program before the end of the program. We understand the best coaching program is worth nothing if you can't enroll clients in it.  

Get access to our weekly foundational modules through our online video cours.

Enjoy weekly real-time, private, one-on-one sales coaching with Lena Frenzel via Zoom to validate your sales scripts,  

Get access to your weekly lecture notes and worksheet. This program is a proactive get-your-hands-dirty program. You will be developing the essential components of your sales process, outreach strategy and messaging.

Get ready to talk to prospects, gain feedback and insights from prospects and hone your conversion rates.  

Get exclusive access to our highly effective coaching lead generation direct-messaging automation on LinkedIn without having to pay for ads

  • formerly only offered to our high-end corporate B2B marketing clients for $2,000/month

  • now ALL INCLUSIVE in the Sell Your Solution Program for you

Includes access to the tool, training, messaging, outreach templates and scripts for this lead generation machine. 

​With Email and Social Media ads being increasingly ineffective and expensive, this simple to use, yet powerful automation tool will rocket launch you from 0 to a calendar with prospect bookings.

Video Course Only

Video Course + Weekly Private Coaching

Optional Weekly Coaching Thereafter [Per Month]


Client Testimonials 

About Lena

With her background of helping corporate clients to get qualified B2B appointments & significantly increase revenue without having to spend thousands of dollars on ads. Through using her proprietary sales training program and lead generation program, Lena has synthesized her best practices to serve the coaching community to empower them to enroll similarly high-ticket clients into online coaching programs. 

With her cutting edge marketing technology experience for companies in the financial services and medical device sector , she has honed sales processes and best practices that allow you to acquire, convert and close high-ticket sales deals.


Our highly personalized approach allows you to cost-effectively target only the people that matter to you and instead of going broad go deep and touch your sales prospects meaningfully and frequently so that closing them becomes easy. Her messaging strategy is clear, simple, outcome-focused and effective.

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