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Being a local life coach in Laguna Beach, Lena Frenzel's clients are located all over Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Besides regular trips to see clients in these communities, Lena is an avidly speaking as a  regular guest at the local Chamber of Commerce (pictures below). Her passion is to inspire leaders in OC and Southern California with her vision of "Nothing is Impossible", which she does through workshops, speeches, and community outreach programs.  

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Motivational KeyNote Speaker  

Motivational KeyNote Speaker  

Her journey to Laguna Beach has culminated in joining the Toastmaster Club of Laguna Beach, which won the price of Distinguished Leadership Club this year. In Toastmasters International, Lena adds spark to her audiences by bringing light to a variety of topics. Her topics spread widely and include life coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, small business consulting, marketing coaching, sales coaching, goal-setting, performance optimization, the human potential, health hacks, neuroscience, low-carb high-fat diet, the effects of super processed foods, lucid dreaming, the meaning of dreams, personal development, mental health, and spirituality.


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