The Lucid Method



An unmatched mental clarity enabling you to realize your choices in life. 

The perfect interplay of high performance, health, and spirit, providing momentum and energy to reach your highest purpose.

High Performance

High performance requires a purpose-driven mindset; a descriptive, guiding vision; pre-developed, executive strategies to shape moment-by-moment choices; and a passionate desire for turning “what you want” into “what you have.” High-performance achievers live primarily from “the inside out,” focusing on short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, while making a conscious effort to minimize out-come inhibiting influences.

Mental and physical health merge into a creative fusion to boost your emotional wellness and discipline your actions in service of your intentions. Continual attuning and attending to the powerful mind-body connection will foster and bolster a much-needed sense of clarity, bolster a sense of clarity in your life, and empower you to create and achieve your vision of a beautiful life.



In the finite reality, the ego effectively identifies itself within situational circumstances and cultural, historical contexts. Additionally, there is another, deeper reality at work where the higher-self experiences a greater existence outside of itself, independent of time, place, gender, etc.  Authentic connection with the spirit adds vitality to everything we do, giving life to- and distinctively enhancing- the meaning and quality of our achievements; while leveraging more depth and value from our most intimate relationships; and mounting our holistic health and overall happiness to levels that could not be achieved otherwise.