John's Story

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My enthusiasm to live a meaningful life completely vanished. My entire way of seeing the world grew hazy.


“Getting by” was my new vision of success. The 9 to 5 grind. Being a slave to debt. Trying to live up to some cherished, growing corporate ideal. All had conspired to rob me of my purpose.


Alive but not dead, my enthusiasm to live a meaningful life slowly drained away.


Turns out my white-picket perfect life did not invite freedom like I thought.  Instead, it robbed me of freedom.


Even worse, I could see no way out of my misery. I was trapped from the inside, forced to live with my helplessness every single day.





Eventually, I stopped complaining and connected with a  personal coach who helped me change my life around in minutes.


Seriously, I mean minutes. 


A few conversations in, it instantly occurred to me that I was constantly pursuing the  NEXT big thing which kept me from appreciating what I already had.

I was reminded: luxury items were meant to enhance life, not define it.

What’s more, the mad dash for status & success can kept me hidden from myself.

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Honestly, I was more depressed than these sentences are probably making you feel…


When you factor in how my wife and kids were looking at me, I knew things had to change.


I knew I had fallen down a rabbit hole and my only way out was going to be an uphill battle.  


How did things get to be this difficult?


As a boy growing up in the late 70’s, I remember building tree houses and learning how to fish. Life seemed to present itself with an endless amount of opportunities.

There wasn’t a day that passed where I doubted what the future could hold; I lived in the moment and each one seemed promising. 

What happened to this life? Perhaps the carefree days weren’t destined to last.


Time went by and the machinery of society started grinding its gears.

“You have to live up to your potential. 

"You want a good job, don’t you?"

This could be the breakthrough of a lifetime.”

To which voices, I respond: “Where’s my fucking tree house?!? I want to hide!!

There’s nothing worse than this!


The good news is that I made the decision not to settle for THE uninspired life anymore.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks for listening to John's story! So, let me ask you.


What would you be doing if money and status didn’t matter?


We can figure it out together.


In fact we’ll resurrect the self that got buried under noisy distractions and ultimately became worn down by society’s expectations.


Remember that kid in you who loved building tree houses and fishing?


We’re going to resurrect him!


After all, there’s no greater joy in life than becoming who you’re DESTINED TO BE… 


and we’re about to prove it.


Book your first free coaching call with Lucid Achievement today.

I can’t wait for you to meet you.

Here’s what I did that I want you to do to:

-   Stop questioning why others “have things so good” and you don’t.

If you constantly complain about the unfairness involved in “lucky Person A, B, and C” getting a big house and fast cars it takes away any responsibility from YOU and gives you the OK to take NO action. Taking NO action is a SURE guarantee for FAILURE. So start setting yourself up for success with a winner mentality by seeing how your actions can impact your outcomes.

-   Stop looking for your “I’m a success in life” trophy… once this becomes true you won’t need trophies to prove it!!

-   Start asking the right questions; those that— once answered— introduce you to yourself.

-  As you get those answers… listen to them! I mean really listen. And while you’re at it, stop giving a shit what others think.