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Join Our Affiliate Program 

For our Coaching Services

Similing Team

Do you want to help others transform their lives and their businesses?

Would you like to earn a generous commission while sharpening your sales skills and become an independent sales contractor with Lucid Achievement?

To get started, please click below to see our Affiliate Agreement.

See Exhibit A and B for a description of services as well as commission rates.

Below you can find an overview of the Sell Your Solution Coaching Program.

If you'd like to get started and have questions, please book a meeting with us below. 


Once you are ready to get started, please download the affiliate agreement and email the signed contract and supporting documents to

Affiliate Partner - Onboarding Meeting

Meeting Details:

Link to zoom meeting room:

Call (949)-312-4988 if you are experiencing problems getting connected

All meetings will be recorded by default. If you do not consent please notify us before the meeting starts.

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