Here at Lucid Achievement, we guide you to live a life of fulfillment and abundance of health, spiritual connection, and high performance in the mission of your choosing. These aspects make up our three central pillars that we build our practice around. Some clients might want to focus more on time management, prioritization, and business strategies to strive for high performance while others need to address their health concerns first in order to make the biggest impact in their life. Whatever your situation may be, we strongly believe that in order to make a lasting change in your life, you need to build a solid foundation. A lot of times, our high performance might be hindered by health impediments that we might not even notice. Because we ourselves lived through this journey where we ascended from weakness to strength and ultimately to mastery, we believe it is essential to see our clients in their wholeness to guide them to real happiness. Having your mission align with your health and lifestyle and putting you in a proactive state of taking action is what we deliver to our clients.  

Before we have met your whole world may have seemed very heavy, out of your control, bland, grey, and unanimated. An environment that you thought you did not have any influence over.  ​You feel the weight and it’s pushing onto your shoulders.


Let us be your catalyst to achieve a LUCID LIFE. Becoming lucid in your life means that you learn that you can wake up into this world that you thought was uncontrollable and predetermined. Suddenly you recognize the endless opportunities that were around you all along. Now you are empowered, you have a choice, you can control your circumstances, and you start creating what feels right. It feels right in every cell of your body. You see that these choices existed all along but your vision was blurred by fog. When you turn on the lucid button, the fog clears, a process of purification happens. The reduction to your innermost authentic essence begins. You start shedding all these preconceived notions, societal beliefs, false identities. All of that falls off and you become light. People will see and recognize you for who you are at your core.  You are shedding all the false layers that surrounded you, which allow your true eternal essence to shine through. Opportunities come into your life you never conceived of.

Once we turn on that lucid button, you will experience a second awakening.

Suddenly everything becomes elucidated. You see the connection between people and relationships, mental and physical health, your old paradigms and what was holding your back. You see yourself and your life from a detached perspective devoid of ego and fear, empowering you with an immense amount of clarity in your everyday life. Finally, you become the creator of your life and you realize, it was never a pre-written script.  


What does success look like in your life? How would you define it?


Does success look like the high income of a job in business, after slaving away at the office sun-up to sun-down, 5 days a week, with two weekend days of antisocial recovery?


Does success look like the yoga teacher’s breathtaking vinyasa flow and body-spirit connectedness, while ignoring, of course, her troubling inability to pay student loans or afford an entrée on a girl’s night out?


Does success in one life area have to be compromised for another?


No one can “be” it all, right?


At Lucid Achievement, we believe the only road leading to your greatest potential manifests when as you engage all sides of who you are - a body, mind and spirit. Your high performance, physical health, and spiritual connectedness are equally essential ingredients of you. We are not interested in “how to make you rich or fit or laid” in a cheap one-day scam. We are interested in seeing and nurturing you as a whole person because we believe you will flourish when every side of you is valued for the integrity it has.


When we create synergy of high performance, health and spirit, a fourth element is added and you are living the LUCID LIFE. In this space, you’re performing high while maintaining optimal health and feeling connected with your spirit. This is the place for long-term growth and happiness. This is what constitutes success and sustains it over the long run.