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Week 2

Week 2 - Video Training

Technical Training



! IMPORTANT Safety Precautions !

Since you will be reaching out to people on LinkedIn pretty much from Day 1, please note that there are a few crucial rules that you need to abide by to be respectful & keep your LinkedIn account safe from any blocks for too much activity. These rules apply to you using your account manually or automatically or through hiring a virtual assistant. These rules apply no whether you are using LinkedIn manually or automatically. 


1. Send no more than 100 invites (connection requests)  per day

Give an overview of an existing blog post or a popular story from a previous newsletter. Be sure to add a link so the reader can learn more.

2. Don't send all 100 connection requests in one block.

Split your connection requests up into chunks of 3 or 4 over the day, e.g., 8am (25 invitations), 1pm (25 invitations), 3pm (20 invitations), 6pm (30 invitations)

3. Cancel All Pending Invitation Requests to at Any Time Be Less Than 1,000
A video of how to do that can be found here. 

4. Don't send more than 60 messages (not connection requests) in chat per profile/day (automated or manual). 
If you have more than 60 people on a given day to respond to, take a break and respond to the remainder the next day. It's always better to be consistent on a daily basis and spread out your activity rather than sending all the messages in on bulk (the account can get flagged for spamming otherwise.

5. Don't be logged into your account in more than 2 computers at the same time.

6. Don't log into the account from another country other than the US. 

If you have any questions about any of the above, please make sure that you give us a call right away at (714) 391 3771.

Ressources to set up


 Hubspot CRM Training


Inbound Sales FREE Certification Course

Course Details:

  • 5 lessons

  • 21 videos

  • 5 quizzes

2:11 hours completion time


Completing this course will help you:

  • Identify the best contacts to reach out to

  • Connect with and earn the attention of your most promising leads

  • Run sales calls and presentations that drive results


HubSpot Sales Software - FREE Certification Course

Course Details

  • 3 lessons

  • 17 videos

  • 3 quizzes

1:08 hours completion time


Completing this course will help you

  • Organize your records in HubSpot CRM to identify the best contacts to reach out to

  • Get the most out of your Sales Hub tools when making contact with your leads

  • Use HubSpot CRM deals in combination with your Sales Hub tools to close more sales


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