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The Self Love Movement

Welcome to the Self Love Movement, a powerful movement that empowers individuals to explore, understand, love and accept all the parts of themselves to resolve inner conflict, feelings of unworthiness, and unify and integrate all the parts of oneself to work together, be embraced by unconditional love towards oneself.














Founded by Lena Viktoria Frenzel, a coach and teacher who has spent years helping people with their personal and professional growth, the Self Love Movement Technique is a powerful technique that guides individuals to rise above inner child wounds, past traumas, low self-confidence, low self-worth, feelings of not being good enough, overworking, people pleasing, feeling unprioritized or rejected in relationships, poor boundaries, communication issues in relationships, high conflict with parents, anxiety and stress, over-thinking, procrastination, feeling confused, overeating, over-drinking, numbing emotions with drugs, weed, gambling, shopping, TV, afraid to ask for what you want and need, codependency, choosing to stay in an abusive relationship, choosing to stay with a narcissist, health issues, depression, feeling disconnected from others, defensiveness in communication with your partner, intimacy issues, difficulty trusting others (and yourself), controlling of your environment, belongings and other people, and perfectionism.

Through her teacher training program, practitioners learn how to guide their clients to overcome the underlying issues that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Join the Self Love Movement and start your journey to empowerment today.

Self Love


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