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It's an exciting time at Lucid Achievement as we continue to expand our business and are currently hiring for our Technical Assistant position.

Technical Assistant | Lucid Achievement | REMOTE

about us:

Here at Lucid Achievement, we guide our clients to live a life of fulfillment and abundance of health, spiritual connection, and high performance. These aspects make up the three central pillars that we build our practice around. Some clients might want to focus more on time management, prioritization, and business strategies to strive for high performance. In contrast, others need to address their health concerns first to make the most significant impact in their lives. Whatever the clients' situation may be, we firmly believe that building a solid foundation is needed to make a lasting change in life. Often, our high performance might be hindered by health impediments that we might not even notice. Because we have lived through this journey, we believe it is essential to see our clients in their wholeness to guide them to real achievement. Having their vision align with life and putting them in a proactive state of action is what we deliver to our clients. Visit our website to learn more about our company.

Job brief:

As we expand, we are looking to hire an ambitious individual for our open Technical Assistant position. Your job will be to provide technical assistance and support to our team and/or our clients. You will maintain and monitor all the online databases, websites, various systems and networks, and ensure optimal performance so that end users can maintain a high level of productivity.


  • Create complete detailed reports for the requests for technical assistance.

  • Act as the initial point of contact for all the computer and system-related concerns from clients or other employees.

  • Assist in creating training materials about computer and system-related troubleshooting and usage.

  • Attend online meetings with us and/or our clients to analyze, troubleshoot, and diagnose technical problems.

  • Resolve technical issues on time using available resources within the company.

  • Actively update, maintain and monitor the CRM (HubSpot) and our / our client’s websites.

  • Perform software installations, configurations, and updates as needed.


  • Currently enrolled in or graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, SQL, Java, Python is a strong plus

  • Passion and/or familiarity with the coaching/self-improvement industry

  • Attitude - you have a "Can-Do" mindset to solve problems creatively and independently

  • High-Performance & Effectivity - you have a competitive mindset and the ability to find the most effective solution to a given situation

  • Leadership - you always strive to over-deliver to gain more responsibilities and eventually lead others in your team

  • Communication skills - you must be able to take feedback from us and/or clients, as well as understand what they want. Professional interpersonal skills are essential when communicating.

  • Time management skills - you'll often find that you're juggling several projects almost simultaneously. You must have the ability to establish reasonable and attainable deadlines for resolution.

  • Ability to prioritize and manage several projects efficiently

  • Strong verbal and written English skills

  • Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills

  • Familiarity with various software and technologies

  • A keen eye for details

  • Highly organized

  • Outstanding listening and questioning skills

  • Available for at least 20 hours/week

To apply,
(1) Please fill out our pre-screening online survey here:

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